• Charter for Australia

    In 1901 Australia was formed as a Commonwealth and a Federal Constitution was proclaimed. The Constitution of Australia is the supreme law under which the government of the Commonwealth of Australia operates. The Constitution however and very importantly, does not provide a framework or a decision-making model that guides our Governments on decisions taken at all three levels, Federal, State and Local.


    Australians deserve and need a Charter that guides decisions by our elected representatives, businesses and all people whose actions affect large numbers of Australians.

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    Original Australians

    Acknowledgment, support, protection and promotion of the original culture that developed in Australia over tens of thousands of years along with a formal treaty, much like New Zealand's Waitangi Treaty.


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    Our environment must sustain and be sustainable. No person or group or organizational entity can do anything that damages the environment.


    Aust Govt Health update 2016


    Medical, dental and mental health services are available to all Australians.


    Children are protected, loved and given equal opportunities.



    A level playing field to ensure we all get to maximize our potential through acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies. Lifelong learning is encouraged and funded.

    Political class

    For those people who enter politics there is a simple test: the decisions you take are transparent and always to support the Charter for Australia. Failure to declare conflicts of interest result in being banned from involvement in politics.


    Policing is conducted to support the principles of the Charter for Australia.

    Personal safety

    An fundamental right for every Australian.



    Corruption is a cancer and is not tolerated.



    Exploitation of Australia's finite mineral resources must be on the basis of a substantial monetary contribution being made to Government revenue that is held in trust for future generations.



    Australian citizens own their data and do not give any form of automatic rights to companies to exploit or misuse their data. Data privacy must be guaranteed by any person or entity that holds personal information.


    Future Generations

    Decisions taken by the current generation cannot harm future generations.


    National Security

    Strong borders must be maintained.


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